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I've been mixing vocals and occasionally instrumentals using FL Studio since the end of 2019. Started out knowing next to nothing about music production and now more than four years later I produce my solo music project 'Joshy Flavour', my best friend 'amici466' and more on a regular basis.

I am not a professional mixing engineer! I love the work and I love music in general, but if you need fast and high quality I can only offer you one of those at a time.

I'd love to challenge myself with new projects and styles, so feel free to contact me. I'm sure we can work out something for you!

Instagram: @joshy.flavour

E-Mail: contact@joshyflavour.com

Next Releases

Here's a short and up-to-date list of upcoming releases with Flavour Mixing:


Drifting by Joshy Flavour


I have mixed vocals for more than 50 released songs so far. I don't present a full project list publicly but you can always check song credits and find me listed as a producer if I was involved.

Here are some of my favourite projects so far:

Joshy Flavour & amici466

February, 15th 2024

Kill This Love

A song about a toxic relationship that ends now.

Joshy Flavour

November, 24th 2023


This song is full of an emotion that sometimes overwhelms me..

Ana x Timo

September, 22nd 2023


Lovely German Rap-Pop Song by two talented artists.

Joshy Flavour

August, 22nd 2023

Losing Touch

Should I simply lose my mind? Sometimes it may feel like you need to let go of what you stand for to fit in better with society. Is it worth it though? I'm spending a lot of time pondering on this question and made this song to express this tension I feel.


July, 21st 2023

Wenn du lachst

A German summer Pop song written by amici466.

Joshy Flavour & amici466

April, 28th 2023

Devil In Disguise

A song about a toxic relationship you just can't quit. It's a modern mix of Pop and HipHop elements.

Joshy Flavour

December, 22nd 2022

Share Your Love

The first song of mine I produced an instrumental for. I wrote it at the end of 2022 looking back on the year. The song is very dear to me because I put all my feelings and thoughts about the year in it.

way2wavy (PhaseUp, Pantha Kool, amici466, Kenny Devlin)

June, 17th 2022

Bass Dröhnt

For the first time four of the five way2wavy artists collaborated on lyrics for a song. It's a German Electronic Dance track with strong HipHop influence and has been a crowd favourite in way2wavy Live-Sets ever since.

Joshy Flavour

May, 24th 2022

Love Your Style

This is the second Electronic Pop song I released, following my debut single "Flavour".

Artist feedback

Elli Sol

My name is Elli, I’m a german singer / songwriter and I’ve known Joshy for quite a few years now. All I can say about working and co-creating with him is that it always feels like a wonderful flow. He puts so much love and dedication into what he’s doing and you can feel and hear that. All the songs he produced for me so far are exactly how they were meant to be and the process was always driven by inspiration and sharing a good time together. I’m looking forward to realizing many more musical projects together 🙏🏼


Hey there! I'm amici466 and I'm a german hip hop and pop artist. Together with Joshy Flavour I was one of the first members of our collective way2wavy. Since the beginning of my career Joshy has always been the one taking care of mixing and mastering my songs and defining the amici466 sound. When he started doing his own songs next to music production, he very quickly became a common feature guest as well as my main backup for my live shows. No matter which aspect of my music you're looking at, Joshy has always been a part of it and I'm more than grateful to have such a talented and motivated artist supporting me. It's hard to tell which of our many projects has been my favourite so far, but If I had to choose I would probably pick our song "Devil in Disguise" so stay tuned for That! 🫶🏻

All in all I'm super thankful for all of Joshy's hard and dedicated work and I'm looking forward to what the future will bring!


Over the last couple of years that we’ve known each other he gave me a lot of useful tips on how to improve my process of making music. His broad knowledge never ceases to amaze me.
He mastered a lot of my songs and songs I featured on which helped pushing them to another level I would not have been able to achieve on my own.

Kenny Devlin

Working with Joshy Flavour often makes things easier for me. Besides his technical expertise and good mixing and mastering skills, he also likes to help with the creative process and the development of some songs. He brings an incredible patience and calmness which makes it easier for me as an artist to realize my projects. He is always honest and tells me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. This helps me a lot in the end to bring a better product to the market.

In conclusion I can say that it is always a lot of fun to work with him in the studio on songs and I can always count on a great end product.

Let's get in touch!

I'd love to hear from you! Send any demos, questions or feedback my way using either of the following channels.

Instagram: @joshy.flavour

E-Mail: contact@joshyflavour.com

Joshy Flavour

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