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Playing my song live for the first time, a contest, and a radio station.

It was February 2022 when I finally uploaded the final version of my debut single "Flavour" to Distrokid. I was really relieved that my new artist name "Joshy Flavour", which I found in the first chapter, was unused and ready for a new Spotify profile. The hard part though was getting my songs and followers from my previous profile "joshyficated" to my new page as I couldn't figure it out on my own.


So I contacted the Spotify Artist support. After exchanging only a few E-mails with a support person named Jesus (i kid you not) all my worries turned into a shiny new profile! Since I was so anxious about this becoming my first solo release I over-prepped the release just a bit by creating lots and lots of artwork. In the end I also found someone on fiverr to draw an animated lyric video for the song. It was viewed only about 100 times on youtube last year but I still love it and in the end that's enough for me.

Disheartened and exhausted as my big effort only had a small effect I took a break from social media. Suddenly, three months later, I was star-struck by an outfit I saw after leaving work. On the same evening I wrote the song "Love Your Style" and recorded it two days later on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday I showed the finished song to friends and family for the first time. In a most extreme turn I went from producing a song in 6 months to three days. This still feels kinda surreal looking back at it and I really don't know how this was even possible. To this day I've never again made a song in less than a month's time.

And then there it was suddenly right before me - the chance to play a song live for a crowd for the first time in my life. We are now in June and PhaseUp from way2wavy, the music collective I am part of, arranged for our group to perform 30 minutes at the musicalcom e.V. Event Lounge in N√ľrnberg. I thought a lot about whether I feel ready to do this but decided to not let the opportunity pass me by. For one month I practiced "Love Your Style" and my feature parts on German songs we would perform as a group.


At the night of the concert I was reaaally anxious. Especially seeing all those other talented artists play their songs or slam their poetry. Our group was the last act of the evening and this went on for hours. But then the moment came and I took a step on stage. During those next thirty minutes I didn't even think once. I was in the flow and time went flying by as if it were only 5 minutes. And I loved every single moment. The lights behind me, my friends besides me and a small crowd listening closely felt like dancing in trance. I took a big step out of my comfort zone and was rewarded with a life-changing evening.


One month later I then took the initiative myself to sign up our group for the Newcomerfestival in Erlangen. It would be a two stage contest for 12 bands or artists from Erlangen and the surrounding area. And we got in! I was really surprised at first as we only had this one prior stage show experience. But not only did we show up at the first round, we made it into the final (second) round. As a bonus this also made us eligible for a five minute radio segment in the N√ľrnberg based Radio Z show "Lokale Leidenschaften". After buying a pack of gummy bears for the radio crew, three of five way2wavy members went to give a radio interview and present one of our songs. Kenny Devlin and amici466 joined me on the way to N√ľrnberg where we experienced radio (on) air for the first time. Loved it. 

These are the moments I feel most alive. Taking chances feels like going on an adventure and I'm really grateful I am presented with such great opportunities. Next we were readying ourselves for the challenge of the year: Playing a show at the finale in the E-Werk, which is the largest culture and music center in Erlangen. We practiced a lot in the weeks leading up to it and it payed off. We got fourth place! After the pictures had been made, prices received and gear packed up we were left with an incredible endorphine rush. In short, we all felt amazing. And there was an absolutely huge amount of feedback we collected from producers, bands, fans and many more interesting people which I could now start to digest.


After the Newcomerfestival finished in early November, Joshy Flavour and way2wavy went into hibernation. During the winter we didn't perform more shows and slowed down on social media. But somewhere in the snow there was a spark hidden away which could turn into a fire soon..


The story will continue in my third blog post, stay tuned!

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Written by JF on September 17th, 2023.

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